Successful Strategies for Digital Marketing in 2018

Responsive & Modern Designed Your Website or Landing Page

Do not think that your website is just for marketing material or a brochure, you must need to think that your website is best way to present your brand and services online. If your brand stand out online in better position, people will easily understand why they need to do business with you. Specially, Google accept your website to add in business listing if your website is mobile friendly, that is called responsive website. Having your website modern designed, you can share your brand experience easily with your customers and others. It is necessary to have professional and responsive website with modern design if you want to engage your customers and create better position in online web.

Content is a KEY

Audience search their problem online by using search engine like Google or Yahoo or Bing. It is necessary that you can provide ideal solution to audience and for that, content play very important role to get relevant traffics and engage them with your website. There are two type of contents you need to think, one is contextual content and another is video. These days, video is very important to have on website and it help on social media and other marketing sources as well. Be specific when you write contextual contents, you should solve customer query easily with your contents. When creating contextual or video contents, make sure you identify your goal for contents and present in better shape or forms where reader should read content or watch video from start to end. Give more important to video content because it presents a complicated process easily to audience by adding effect and visual appearance and that helps them easily to understand it.

Create more and more inbound links

Links play very important role to generate traffic on your website. Utilizing inbound links through social media, blogs, forums, questions/answers portals

Promote your service by online advertising

To promote your services or products, online advertisement is a very powerful way to promote your brand and services. Now days, people are more likely lives online and they can easily find your service or business online. There are many ways to advertise your business online like Google Search Ads, Google Video Ads, Google Display Ads, LinkedIn Advertisements, Facebook Advertisements and Twitter Advertisements. This is great way to promote your business and sometime it cost for marketers more. Being digital marketers, it is required  that you keep your eye open with new trends, technologies, various platforms to promote your business online by using social media, website, directory, forums, blogs, videos etc…

Must have social media integrated

People are mostly connected through social media platforms throughout the day and sometime night as well. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, WhatsApp, WeChat, YouTube are the most powerful platforms when we need to define our strategy to promote business on social media. There is an endless opportunity to reach our your audience to share ideas, contents, videos, messages, campaigns, pictures, animations for your brand, business or story. By using hashtags and motivating your audience to share their personal experience about your business or brand will boot your online presence and generate relevant traffic on your website and more changes to get conversions. Hashtag campaigns can serve several different purposes—often at one time. They are a great way to boost awareness by creating conversation and buzz around a topic or product. For example #WhatsInYourBag. Canadian athletic apparel maker RYU created a simple, yet effective, way to gather user-generated content from their followers through promotion of their branded hashtag, #WhatsInYourBag. They encouraged fans to share photos of what they carry in their gym bag and incentivized them with the chance to win prizes. A great example of a successful social photo contest,  also leveraging Instagram Stories, RYU’s engaging campaign has generated over 32K posts and likely helped increase their follower count to over 20K.

Effective Remarketing

Today, remarketing is a very cost effective, easy and simple tool for organization to target their interested audience again. For example you visit on website Amazon to buy iphone but you exit website without buying iphone for some reason. Same time you move to any other website like Facebook to check notifications. Suddenly, you saw one ad on corner with same iphone and 10% discounted price.You clicked on that ad and land to Amazon site for iphone to buy with 10% discounted price. Now, it means remarketing because previously you visit the site, check the product but didn’t buy it, you moved to any other website and saw same product in discounted price. Amazon in this scenario, using the cookie to store in browser what you search and followed. Also Amazon run the campaign to place ads to remarket their products that you were interested in.


Keep Working

In 2018, the digital marketing is having endless updating from different platform like search engines. You must keep yourself updated with what is going on trends for contents, social media campaigns, blog posting, comment posting, Advertisements, modern websites etc… If you have website with many years old, it’s not going to work, you must need modern designed website with up to date based on latest trends. Setting up social media campaigns for your brand or business and keep them idle for months or years, it’s not going to work for sure. You must need to work day by day to keep updated necessary things to promote your brand or business online.

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