Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

Growing competition is inducing businessmen into adopting newer techniques of infiltrating both online and offline markets. Product affiliation has gained rapid recognition lately as a potent means whereby businessmen are hiking up the selling chances of a particular product or service by establishing collaboration with affiliate marketers. The latter are remunerated with a pre-defined share of the revenue earned. This symbiotic relationship can benefit both the affiliate marketer as well as the businessman. The affiliate services provided often include tracking, reporting, affiliate management, payment and refund processing and securing access to a large publisher base. Today we shall talk about top 10 affiliate programmes which are provided by various business portals and websites for boosting up product sale.


Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

The world’s foremost CPA Hub targeted at affiliates lists offers both from in-house and reputable brands. Payment is made to the affiliates whenever a customer purchases any product or service from the promoted link.

The affiliates can also keep a tab on their commission earned and performance from the TerraLeads dashboard.

The blogs and websites can be used by webmasters for promoting offers and can also be availed by non-webmasters by social media, search and running their own campaigns. You can benefit from dynamic features such as free translation services, 24*7 multilingual support, usage of cutting-edge technologies, tracking of leads in a real-time basis and withdrawal of money through multiple e-payment systems on becoming a TerraLeads partner.

This rapidly developing Hub focusing mostly on diet, health, adult health and beauty niche markets and has already spread its wings across Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Romania and much more.


Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

Rakuten Ichiba is a Japanese e-commerce honcho which lists more than 200 million products in its platform. Comprising of more than 70 businesses spread across the fields of communications, digital content, fintech and much more, Rakuten has evolved into one of the biggest internet companies on a global scale.

Its affiliate marketing service provider known as Rakuten LinkShare comes with several unique features which sets it apart from its peers. It can rotate through different banners automatically for a particular product which comes off as a huge plus point especially when you are seeking a means of optimizing your offer.

LinkShare allows a multitude of versions to rotate just one small code piece rather than manual selection of the ad which you wish to run on your blog. It also allows flexible “deep linking” with individual merchant landing pages for increasing customization probabilities of the campaign types which you can run.


This performance marketing company which specializes in operated and owned campaigns pertaining to home services, insurance, financial verticals etc. can deliver bang-on results by internalizing your objectives.

Its proprietary lead management platform termed as offers insights into the performance and quality scoring of every lead in accordance with its key demographic information. Coupled with an array of integrations, it becomes an absolute cakewalk to run various campaigns in a flexible manner. High intent prospects get guaranteed by its trusted web-properties and SEO-optimized methods.

Flexible payment terms and complete transparency with clientele stand out as two of the biggest USPs of ReviMedia which offers its advertising partners with a complete access to their publisher network spread over 2000 publishers.

Amazon Associates

Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

As one of the biggest internet-based retailers located in United States, this e-commerce and cloud computing company of America has curved out a niche for itself in the affiliate marketing segment.

Bloggers and website owners can avail this program for earning referral fees every time a customer clicks on a product link before proceeding with its purchase. This easy to use portal allows affiliates to earn a maximum of 10% referral commission if they can boost up the confidence of customers in purchasing a specific product through the referral link.

A 15% referral fee is paid on promotion of certain products whenever customers click on the review link before purchasing the same. The geo-location of the affiliate market serves as a focal point while determining his target market.


eBay has been serving the online crowd for almost 20 years coupled with world class tracking and reporting. This globally renowned company has been doing exceptionally well by crossing over international barriers with its rewarding affiliate programs which are filling up the kitty of dedicated affiliate marketers worldwide who are following its find, share and earn steps to gain success. Once you have identified the deals or products you wish to promote, you shall have to share them on your website. Once customers visiting your portal feel inquisitive about a particular product or service and clicks on its link, you earn a share out of the same.

This free of cost program which can be subscribed by both business organizations and an individual pays up to 12% commission in a quick disbursal method.


Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

This USA based affiliate marketing network allows associates to find products which need to be promoted and earn commission on referring the same using their own website or blog.

Affiliates can also make use of RSS, SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns, social media, email and much more for gaining the requisite attention. The technology of ShareASale which has been operational for fifteen long years has gained widespread appreciation courtesy their efficiency, accuracy, speed and reputation of being an honest and fair business.

With more than 7,00,000 affiliates listed with the portal, this program can serve as the perfect pick for all forms of advertisers. Various data pertaining to reversal rates, earnings per click, average commission and average sale amount is published on each of the offer running in ShareASale portal. Although these figures do not serve as payout guarantee they are extremely helpful in campaign assessment.

Affiliate Partners Ltd.

Affiliate Partners Ltd. has taken the shape of one of the largest affiliate networks of financial industry coupled with highest pay-outs (CPA) ranging up to 600$ for niches such as gaming, trading, sales funnels, casino and much more. Their professional team can be accessed round the clock over email and skype while the network guarantees super-fast pay-outs for boosting up the interest of associates in performing better.


This digital commerce magnet focuses mostly on subscription billing, online commerce and global payments of SaaS, Software and Online Services companies. Backed by unmatched expertise in digital commerce services and a cloud platform, Avangate renders support to 4000 digital businesses spread across 180 countries who trust Bitdefender, Absolute software, FICO, Brocade, Kaspersky Lab and HP Software for expanding their global reach by maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction on the go. You can sell your software over the Avangate portal in exchange of commission which serves as a great means of saving time and being defended from fraud occurring in the marketplace.

Commission Factory

Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Make Money Online

This performance-based marketing program devoid of a steep learning curve can suffice first timers who wish to make it big in the field of affiliate marketing. Agencies, affiliates and merchants can establish mutually beneficial relationships banking on real-time reporting and optimum transparency of dealings. Minimal entry barriers have led to a rapidly swelling user base comprising of companies of different sizes for discovering the power of performance marketing.


This award-winning affiliate marketing network provides comprehensive solutions to both publishers and advertisers for building mutually profitable relationships through advanced payment solutions via NET 7, various data delivery options and multiple marketing strategies.

With a growing collection of more than 12000 affiliate programs, provides instant access to its publishing network offering controlled online advertising growth by following the established marketing standards and tapping the true market potential.

So, choose any of the top 10 affiliate network and start making money from the traffic you’re getting!

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